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Jays Dickey Trade

December 21, 2012

R.A. Dickey

I’m okay with this. In fact I’m more than okay – I think this trade was great.

The Jays stocked up the minors for years while taking gambles on low-cost players abandoned by other teams and it worked. Bautista and Edwin are now legit all-stars and the Jays got them on the cheap. Couple that with some great (lucky) draft picks – and it affords you the ability to trade for what you need and what your fan base wants. Wins. Championships.

d’Arnaud is a top prospect – no doubt. A top prospect that has never called a game, gotten a hit or thrown out a runner at the major league level. He might be very very good at these things next year. Hell, he might be the best – and if he is – good for the METS. But there is a good chance he is just another Pat Borders or Randy Knorr. Both did a decent job – but neither hold the value of a Cy Young pitcher.


Ultimately, the young guys the jays are trading are not what they need right now. They are not going to sell tickets, they are not (for now) going to win games. They ARE going to look good sitting in the minors – look good to other teams. Teams that are willing to take that risk and rebuild around the next Todd Van Poppel, Casey Kotchman or Travis Snider.

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